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Tofting TF-100P


This Flow Instrument makes it possible for you to make a flow measurement wherever you want.
The set have everything you need – just mount all pieces, enter pipe– and materialdata, and the instrument shows the actual flow.
Tofting TF-100P is professional and user-friendly so that everyone can use it.

Tofting TF-100P

  • lll 0,5% linearity
  • 0,2% repeatability
  • Low-voltage multi-pulse ultrasound signal Easy to use menu
  • Optional units (ex. Volume and time)
  • Easy to mount
  • Parallel functions for positive, negative and net. flow total
  • 2 set of transducers for different pipe-sizes Controle the accuracy of your measurement on the display
  • Built-in, rechargeable battery(Last for up to 10 Hours, charger included)
  • Pipe-sizes: DN20mm to DN6000mm
  • Flow-unit: 100 x 66 x 20 mm

With this flow meter everyone can make a flow-measurement. Mount the transducers on a pipe and after 5 min. you have a accurate measurement.
The handling of the unit is very simple and is very understandable.
Together with this package a manual is included which easily guides you through the set up.

Included in the package:
Transport Box, flow-unit, 2x transducers
Transducer-pasta, cables, charger, tape measure and manual

Manual  :  Tofting TF-100P